As the mobile version of the SimCity, SimCity BuildIt is an app that is available for download for free at the App store and the Play Store. It is the latest game of the series which puts all its predecessor in the back seat. Are you worried that you have no background in politics and no experience in urban planning whatsoever? Not an issue! Just about anybody can build a house in any place they want in this game. If your citizens are not willing to reside besides a power plant, you can always send a Godzilla attack to make sure they do.

Part of the Sim Series

If you are not familiar with the SimCity series, that also will not be a problem as this game is said to the less complicated of the batch. Though it has been downsized for quick mobile play sessions, its basic gameplay remains pretty much the same. The difference lies in the fact that unlike tradition Sim series which motivates people to plan in squares, this app encourages them to think about building in a line. Industries as well as houses are built along streets along with utilities which keep the city running. There is also no tampering with the power and pipe line, which is a good thing for those playing on their mobile.

Going up a Level

Depending on the level of the player, expansion of his gaming area will vary. Upgrading and building homes in SimCity BuildIt need material such as brick, clay and cement. These things can be obtained from industries which manufacture the same. Though it is easy to build at the initial stage and all it requires is the material. If you need more help regarding resources and their work in the game then you may like to visit for detailed game work. However, as the player begins to climb up the level, the player will have to wait longer to get these building materials. However, if you have SimCash, you will be able to quicken the process and build faster.


Larger Buildings

As you start to reach higher levels, you will also have access to default buildings such as the airport. You will also be introduced to schools and fire houses. In order to build larger schools and fire houses, you will need more Simoleons which are a bit hard to earn and requires time to save. If you do not provide your citizens with enough amenities and essential comforts, there will be no residents in your area. Moreover, residents prefer to live in places which are reasonable closer to the public services.

If you are the type of person who enjoys playing a game that will keep you engaged for a prolonged period of time, then this is the game for you. Moreover, you can also quicken up the process by using simcity buildit trick. Playing SimCity is both interesting as well as addicting. The gameplan will not only attract your strategic mind but will also give you the essential gears to ensure that you are satisfied with the game in front of you. The Sims have done it again!